Taurus Full Moon 11/4: Shed Attachments and Open to New Possibilities

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In the early hours of Saturday, we are greeted by what has been traditionally called The Hunter’s Moon…  (we can begin to feel this energy from Friday that peaks on Saturday yet lingers into Sunday…) It is considered to be a Super Moon, as it is closer to the Earth in its orbit, appears larger, and it can be more potent and influential than the usual Full Moon!

Sensual Taurus and Transformative Scorpio

In astrological studies, we identify Taurus as the sign of material wants  and Earthly needs – and during this Full Moon, the energies that dominate will invariably involve us in many enticing possibilities; from wanting to satisfy any security and comfort needs, and to indulging the senses and the body in search of pleasure and comfort in a myriad ways! (Taurus rules food, money, luxury, and the sense of touch.)

The key to overcoming any adverse feelings or desires that come from this moon is to become aware of any preoccupations, unrealistic demands or desires and vain attempts to hold on too tightly to what we have; Not listening to Scorpio’s balancing energies that declare freedom through release and transformation.

We know Scorpio as the sign of transformation, change, death, and transitions. We have to allow ourselves time away from attachments and their distractions in order to benefit from a self assessment of what it is that we truly need for a sense of contentment and satisfaction in our lives. What is of crucial importance is to assess, and become aware of, what degree our self worth plays into the hands of materialism, and to what extent we need gratification versus a soulful sense of fulfillment.

Waking Up and Getting Real

April Kent, astrologer of Big Sky Astrology, makes the following observations and recommendations…

“This is an amazing Full Moon chart for undertaking change. The Taurus Moon and Scorpio Sun are in positive aspect to powerful Pluto, the planet of control, as well as Jupiter in Scorpio (“I believe I can change”) and Neptune in Pisces (envisioning a new reality). And Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, is almost exactly opposed Uranus the Awakener.”

“Where have you needed to wake up, get real, and get down to business? It could be a relationship that isn’t working, money problems, a house that needs repairs, or the desire to write a book. If you’re having trouble putting your finger on it, look to the house of your chart where 11.58 Taurus falls.”

From my view, this moon will ask us to examine the difference between ambition and initiative; between assertion and enterprise, and between wants and needs…

Chiron; The wounded Healer

Anne Botticelli, business coach and astrologer gives us some insights into the actions and purposes of the asteroid Chiron during this Full Moon:

“This month brings many notable aspects — blessings, and opportunities — from the asteroid  Chiron.  …  Those who follow him in their charts and the general transits will likely know he is referred to as the “Wounded Healer.”  … Often to get the blessing Chiron is trying to bring, it is necessary to work harder in that area of life, especially to heal pieces of “victim mentality”.

“Whenever we feel like ‘someone did something to us,’ that automatically creates polarity, putting us in the position of “Victim” and someone or something else in the position of  “Tyrant”.  These are roles that, when believed in and nourished, always perpetuate and flip back and forth in the experience.  So the first pearl of wisdom to effectively work with chronic energies is to “drop the story” about victim-hood. ”

While that can be easily said or observed, it does require our full attention to the stories we rehearse about ourselves. We free ourselves when we lessen our acceptance of these story lines as ideas that hold lasting truth. We can change the outcomes as we change our perspectives of the purpose of that relationship and how it serves us.

Anne also highlights some upcoming trends:

“November 9 — Sun in Scorpio Sextile Pluto in Capricorn —  This is another aspect notable for bonding with others in deep ways in love, business, or other long-term ventures.

November 11 — Saturn in Sagittarius Trine Uranus in Aries — This is the last of three brilliant match-up’s, [that] will not happen again until 2047.  These titans coming together like this bring massive potential for harmonious transitions into drastically improved ways of living.

November 13 — Venus in Scorpio Conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio —   This aspect promises intensity in love and money, leaning towards the good type of intense, but there is always the chance for challenge instead.  It is much favored for merging in love and money. It will likely bring intensity, likely for the better, but drama is a possibility, too.”

In all, this Full Moon period will be an active, and transformative one- especially in regards to the issues of ownership and freedom, wants versus needs, and the ability to give yourself a more discerning outlook on the emotions we have, and the feelings that we have learned. A view that asks us to understand and express them clearly!

Celestial Blessings,

Peter Lanzillotta, PhD.


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