Some Positive Guidelines for Personal Renewal

Some Positive Guidelines Towards Personal Renewal


Give your body some form of exercise. Preferably, a blend of aerobics, stretching, and muscle strengthening. Try not to overemphasize one approach, but see them as complementary and synergistic. Simple walking can suffice, if long and brisk enough… Try Tai Chi, Yoga,, etc., as these approaches seek to integrate bodily awareness with spiritual attunement.

Pay attention to the quality and variety of the foods you eat…

Eat low on the food chain, eat colorfully, with a preference for freshness.

Practice sobriety with everything you take in, digest, or assimilate. Become increasingly aware of your specific nutritional needs and how you body reacts to stress…

Try to avoid any chronic lack of sleep, any illegal, unnecessary recreational drug use (be aware of OTC as well as prescriptions!) Avoid any extremes in mental activity or preoccupation’s that will drain energy from you; from wasteful sexuality to too much time on the computer- anything that might rob you of your vitality and your need for poise, balance, and a healthy perspective about daily living.


Try to set aside time each day for devotional or inspirational reading- to “open up” your heart , to assure you and console you… Practice rhythmic breathing, and slow, deep inhalations as a basic meditative approach to reduce stressful feelings…

Offer some act of charity/service or act of kindness each day/week. Seek to improve the basis and quality of caring in your relationships. Resolve any contradictions, and allow for healthy compromises. Clear your conscience.

Forgive yourself as willingly as you forgive others. Be sure to make time for your spouse, your children, and give careful attention to their genuine needs.


Evaluate the quality and content of your thoughts and speech. Appraise and carefully consider the power of language and of silence in your life. Think before speaking, and choose to be silent rather than be unkind.

Keep a journal, a diary or a dream log as a valuable tool for your self evaluation. Do not be too quick to criticize or devalue your thoughts or feelings, nor be too quick to devalue the thoughts and feelings of others.

Red, watch, and most importantly, listen to those sources of mass media you find to be fair, reliable, respect worthy, and honest. Try to learn or to discover something new every day- and be willing and open to share it with your friends or family members.


Look to your understanding of God, and not in the mirror, or in your checkbook, for your sense of true identity.

Try to avoid being too self conscious. Assess your values and goals realistically, with compassion for your imperfections, and with courage to reach beyond your perceived limits. Worship regularly with a community of trust that attests to your values and supports your personal growth, social conscience, appreciation for nature and life, etc.

Check how you greet each day, and how you get through each day. Ask yourself about your purpose in your work or career. Look regularly at your goals, and examine your motives for what you say, feel, and do each day.

Smile. Dance. Laugh. Draw. Write. Dream a little something new each day. Find more inspiration from the trees and the tides- do not cut yourself off from nature… Avoid being so busy that you miss out on your life!

Accept yourself. Love one another. See God in yourself and seek to see the good of God in all things. Rejoice always!


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