February 15th’s New Moon and the Partial Solar Eclipse

Whenever the new Moon reaches Aquarius, it often signals a social and cultural shift; it acts as a greater witness to a larger reality than the point of view we occupy during everyday life. As a function of giving us a cosmic overview, we will be able to notice cultural trends of thought and action that will need our attention- be it through prayer or practice- that results in giving more people access to a sense of freedom from despair or unjust bonds of restriction, and that liberates us all from those past ways of thinking and behaving that served old values or worn out attitudes.

For some of us, this eclipse season that has such Uranian overtones, will prompt us to seek to release any feelings of being burdened and actively initiate ways to promote free self-expression and better self-care.

Others among us will receive this eclipse energy with a social focus that calls to question prevalent superficial values and misshapen ideals. 

In her weekly newsletter on the applications of the Akashic Records to life’s issues and problems, Teri Uktena makes this observation when speaking about the necessary tasks of releasing, reclaiming and retraining;

“Releasing has become a cure-all within the Spiritual community and has even spread as a concept within the more general therapeutic circles… However, releasing isn’t a universal remedy. Too much releasing can be harmful…. Releasing also is amazing for dealing with things which have been handed to us with or without our consent. Many of us have been gifted hyper-vigilance, CO-dependence, perfectionism, the role of mediator, and the need to over achieve along with a whole lot more… No matter what issue you’re working through, releasing is often the first of several steps in a healing journey…. I have found Releasing works best, not as a cure-all, but in conjunction with two other processes, Reclaiming and Retraining.”

Partial Solar Eclipse February 15th

One of the key considerations towards any eclipse that happens in this Leo and Aquarian cycle (2017, 2018, 2019) is that because it belongs to what astrologers call “fixed signs,” it will not yield immediate results.

Most likely, its influence will be drawn out and gradually deepen so that it will have a more lasting and potentially transformative effect on people, places, and the planet…

In brief, the eclipse of last week, and the three upcoming ones that will occur in mid-February, late July and late August are in a similar energetic pattern or character. In fact, we can see the August eclipse as a continuation/re-activation of last year’s total eclipse and it could energetically incite those earth and social changes…

It will affect those who have Leo or Aquarius prominent in their charts and provide some challenges for Taurus and Scorpios that are the sign squares. The principal lessons have to do with the limits of independence and the potentials of interdependence… (remembering that dependency comes from the need for approval and the desire to avoid shame or guilt… and that squares are our growing lessons in character and for the refinement of our souls…)

That is, while it can be a necessary developmental stage to find your separate identity, your personal source of power, and your individual, social or charismatic influences, those Leo qualities will need to be balanced/harmonized. In the stages of spiritual growth, let go or release in favor of a more egalitarian understanding that every person is a unique gift, but no one is special, superior, ideal, or worthy of subjective praise!

The counter balance to individuality comes from the Aquarian energies which encourage the realization that when a person understands our lives are not based on competition, but cooperation- with one another, with respect for the earth, and in our inner work on balancing energies and awareness. Then, we can wholeheartedly affirm that we need each other in a gracious, dynamic and purposeful way if we wish to heal ourselves and transform our society

Interdependence is the cooperation among equals for the sake of shared ideals and common goals… the home base for the Aquarian who finds that any self-centered concerns are, at best, incomplete, and that we are to see ourselves as citizens of one world; as sisters and brothers who share one universal heart… It is a dedication to the dynamism and to the realization of “A Relational Homeostasis” (Kapacha’s phrase for our need for internal and relational balance).

Kathy Biehl, a well-known international astrologer reader and advisor, makes these comments on the upcoming New Moon and eclipse. She observes:
“An Aquarius Moon runs to the intellectual, and this one has an extra dose of that since it has the company of Mercury, the messenger of the gods and ruler of our information flow…
Data is flying at supersonic speed, and it’s hardly traveling safe, familiar or predictable territory. This Moon comes with a whack on the side of the head, knocking loose new perspectives, or unexpected information, or a plot twist that changes everything, or a profound ha! Notions of relationship, and specifically committed partnership, are in the mix… Unconventional and healthy ways of relating are probable outgrowths, and relationship shifts that have been brewing could suddenly lock into place.”

Many astrologers concur in pointing towards the February eclipse as being a time for public responses to people in power… and a serious reconsideration of what new rules and regulations are needed to change the way things have been done, and that will encourage systemic change in our society. Lastly, on the mundane and sociopolitical stage, this February eclipse will land right on the USA’s Moon! And it could be quite a bumpy landing as it portends the possibility of more emotional turmoil in governmental circles; revolving around women, the questions concerning the balance of power, and the sense of inconsistencies and insecurities… We remember that this upcoming eclipse serves to trigger activity- socially and environmentally- from the national eclipse of last August…

Other significant aspects and events to consider:
Venus leaves the more aloof and distant sign of Aquarius to enter into a place of idealism, romance, and mystery… Perfect for Valentines week!
While filled with this “Hollywood” approach to relationships, it is a placement where people with Venus in Pisces and all of us until mid-March will need to wrestle ourselves into clarity as the mist and myths of life and love can be enticing! Enjoy the ride!

Celestial Blessings, Peter



Kathy Biehl. February 2018. OM Times Magazine.


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