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While there are many modern approaches to self understanding that are useful, the weakness many of them is they are often targeted to be a short term and single source for a narrow or specific answer. On the other hand, outlooks and approaches that are time honored and time tested, such as astrology, take in and affirm the person as a complex and interconnected whole- body/mind/emotion/spirit. These methods hold the most promise as a multidimensional resource for problem solving, and for discovering your gifts, skills and abilities that were previously unknown or discounted.

Astrology, as I see it and practice it, offers the greatest opportunity to reveal these unknown abilities and previously undervalued potentials, which assist in your search for meaningful answers and workable solutions.

In our coaching sessions, we will use the insights of astrological charts and many other intuitive wisdom techniques that contribute to one’s self understanding. We will identify your gifts and talents, encourage any needed new directions or necessary changes, and explore new directions and descriptions for your life possibilities and potentials.

In a general natal chart reading, you will be given all the possible indications for career, health, relationships, and many other important dimensions of your life. Depending on a clients specific questions or concerns, and how complex the issue is, we will set up a series of coaching sessions to explore answers and alternatives.
If desired, we will advance the soul’s directions and project our awareness of how one has grown and changes into the future. Then, we will examine what potentials are in store for the coming years.


Chart readings and coaching sessions can be combined or purchased separately; For a natal reading (a 2 hour session) the fee is $300.00 which covers preparation time and presentation. I strongly advise my clients to tape, make a recording, or take notes of that session.

Coaching sessions that follow up on that consultation are contracted at $75.00 an hour. If a series of consultations is requested, it is offered in 2, 4, or 6 sessions. (If a client chooses 6 sessions, the price drops from $75.00 per session to $65.00 per session).

Additional Astrological Services:

Progression charts are also available. This kind of chart outlines the coming year, revealing the new directions, potential, and challenges one could face… It looks at the soul’s growth and development over your lifetime…

Compatibility charts, for per-marital couples or for established partnerships who wish to develop deeper bonds and more effective ways of problem solving. This can bring out more harmonic ways of connecting and communicating.

Holistic Health Charts focus on health and nutrition. Included is an indication of which spiritual paths are best for you.

Vocational and Career skills assessment charts assist you in narrowing the focus for your education, career, mid life shifts, and what talents you have yet to discover.

Cartography charts outline where your best places for living, education, health, career moves, etc. are located around the USA or the world.

Towards a Modern Definition of Astrology

As I understand it, astrology is a time honored system of celestial correspondence. It systematically observes the heavenly derived patterns of the planets, stars, etc., and gives these patterns of movement a particular Mythological and metaphorical meaning that corresponds to the psycho-social and to the larger synchronistic patterns of our human behavior. Therefore, astrology is a mythopoetic system and symbolic path towards greater self knowledge and greater personal understanding.

Similar to all paths of a more esoteric nature, the astrological comprehension of one’s place in the Cosmos can range widely or be interpreted differently by different individuals.

Like all subjective paths, any of the conclusions that are drawn can contain both promises and pitfalls. Therefore, one’s chart will need to be discerned carefully, and then those insights can be incorporated as a reliable means of inventory and increased self awareness. Astrological insights and consultations are valuable assets, and can be added to all the other learned ways one understands, acknowledges, and accepts oneself.

For many years now, I have used astrology as a helpful tool in my therapeutic and soul work with others. Additionally, I have found it very worthwhile to work with a client’s therapists, physicians, and with managers who needed some assistance to outline the growth of their companies, and guide the hiring and firing of employees. In a basic, yet wide ranging way, I believe there is much the informed use of astrology can add to, or complement, as a source of information and knowledge for your own decision-making!

Now, that last point is an important one- it separates out those people who use astrology, psychic tools, ESP, dreams and the whole arenas of the extrasensory in a fatalist way…. BE CAREFUL! I advise strongly that you never give up on your own responsibility to use the information you receive wisely- to always practice discernment and prudence with any advice you are given- no exceptions! (parents, physicians, psychologists, clergy, psychics – everybody!)

Astrology is not a science; even though it involves some intricate mathematics. Thanks to computers today, that whole need for expertise in chart construction can be skipped- for example, it used to take me two hours or more to draw a basic chart- now its a matters of moments- hitting keys and filling in data and produce a chart in minutes!

Of course, drawing a chart does not make someone adept at interpreting it, and that is what takes years of study and comparative learning. So, astrology is closer to a systematic mythology of its own with specific characters and symbolic figures that contain a full and intricate story line. This story involves adventures, pitfalls, rewards, and much soul level learning.

Psychologists’ Support for Astrology

Carl Jung, the famous psychologist and contributor to astrological knowledge, helped us to trace back and validate its ancient origins, and pointed to all the famous people in history who used astrological understanding. He called astrology “the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.” He used his knowledge of medicine and myth, drugs and dreams, to help his patients unlock their souls and free their spirits. He used astrology to complement his own scientific understanding.

He gave us this reflection on the meaning and metaphor that is Astrology. In his book, “Modern Man in Search of a Soul,” he said: “We are born at a particular given moment, in a given place and time, and we have, like the best wines, the quality of the year and the season which witness our birth. Astrology claims no more than this.”

Also from Jung; “So far as the personality is still potential, it can be called transcendent, and as far as it is unconscious, it is indistinguishable from all those things that carry its projections… [that is] symbols of the outside world and the cosmic symbols. These form the psychological basis for the conception of man as macrocosm through the astrological components of his character.”

A Jungian analyst, Dr. Bernard Rosenbloom writes in his book, “The Astrologer’s Guide to Counseling,” these observations:

“…Good astrology can make a profound contribution to the growth of the spirit and the consciousness of people today. It can be of significant assistance to the psychotherapist because of the excellent overview of the patient that it provides…”

There are quite a few supportive quotes from transpersonal psychologists and mythologists, and philosophers as well.

What do I say it is? Astrology allows me to state what I believe about each of you: That you are all heroes and heroines in the most important story you will ever read or known- the story of your own lives. You have been born to live out a great Myth- the celestial journey of your soul in this lifetime. If you allow it, astrology will be a valuable ally on your path, and an important resource in your quest for greater understanding and self discovery!

Peter E. Lanzillotta, Ph.D.

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