The New Moon of 12/18: Awaiting New Directions, and the Promises of Change

     Many of the inescapable elements of the holidays are upon us, and while we might yearn for a respite, many of us are subjected to the whirling tide pools of social energy, and the unending commercial drone of having to measure our caring through gifts and other material expressions. (Sometimes I feel as if we live in a compelling plot that seeks to rob us of our precious time and essential energies).
     Regardless of the mainstream and commercial effects, we can derive much solace and inspiration from the light of the Sun and Moon merging … in a New Moon conjunction! The Sun/Moon combination at this time of the year asks us to evaluate where we will place priorities; to give attention to celestial clues about the sacredness of longer nights, colder days, and the need to harbor and invite rest into our lives as we prepare for new energies that arrive in the Spring.
     In traditional theology, the time of Advent is known as the time of “awaiting” and preparing to receive the Christ child into our lives. From a more inclusive and expansive spiritual or incarnational viewpoint, Advent is an intentional time that call us towards renewal each year. It asks us to prepare to claim more of the “Christ consciousness” as our universal birthright and to reserve this time for rebirth in our lives.

Looking Ahead

     Lets start with reminding everyone that there are the ongoing energies of Mercury retrograde, which lasts until December 22nd, and to continue caution in communications and travel, etc. Then we have the fire planet, Mars, who recently entered into Scorpio, where its lessons of assertion and creativity will stay with us until the end of January.
    Jupiter remains in Scorpio for most of the next year, and Saturn, makes its entry into Capricorn and for many astrologers, these next 2 1/2 years will be a time when the idealism and infused hopes of Sag become tested or made real and responsible in Capricorn. For some of us, it will be a somber season, and disappointments will have to become learning lessons.
   Additionally, Venus and Saturn have strong connections… 
Venus offers energy of new relationships that are possible if the match contains attraction and idealism, passion and spiritual principles; 
   Saturn, being more taciturn, will ask us to wrap up any existing plans and any lingering projects, and take sufficient time for self assessment that provides more clarity and clear directions to pursue in the New Year.

The Galactic Center

    Another facet of astrology reaches beyond the Zodiac to include other stars and cosmic energy sources. A prominent one in this New Moon is called The Galactic Center. What is that? To quote the astrologer Emily Trinkaus, writing for Mountain Astrologer, she says that the “Galactic Center is a massive black hole around which the whole Milky Way revolves…[ a source of power that creates implosion, and expansion, destruction and creativity. It represents a potent opportunity for rewiring our beliefs, opening to larger possibilities,  and greater creative powers]” (Trinkaus, 2017).
    Other astrologers point to the Galactic Center as a portal for universal truths, principles, and powers… moving us beyond what we acknowledge as our personal truths to become increasingly aware of universal principles, laws, and truths…
    This New Moon, then, carries with it an extraordinary potential for reordering our lives and our world- healing and affirming various newly created dimensions of our lives and applying those new principles and energies to our society with wisdom and compassion.
       It could be said that this New Moon can set the stage for the coming year, which will be centered on moving our spiritual aspirations into new, more mature and grounded sources for our actions and purposes. They are likely to manifest in concern for, or with an emphasis on, supporting better forms of effective and compassionate justice. In addition, the coming year promises to be an acceleration of our most cherished spiritual motives and aspirations. This holds potential for us to move away from the subjective and personal to become more directed towards questioning and correcting broad cultural values and humanitarian ideals.
    Lastly, the magic and meaning of the Solstice awaits us! In a few days, I will send out my Solstice reflections, which include more worldly considerations; we are given an overview of the next 6 months, and give indications about what important considerations can surface in our soul’s journey…
Celestial Blessings, Peter



1. Trinkaus, Emily. The Mountain Astrologer. Dec/Jan 2017-18. Issue 196. Page 95.


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