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Full Blue Moon March 31st

“What we directly know…what we reflect, and what can surprise us if we become ‘Holy Fools.'”

Photo by buy priligy in india on buy priligy 60mg

On the last day of March, we are given our second Full Moon of the month – often known as a “Blue Moon” – which brackets the month of shifts and changes in a way that asks us; what has changed in your life? What remains the same? What shifts and changes are you experiencing?

Because this time period into April is dominated by Arian energies which are known for action, adventure and impulse experiences, we are naturally able to see our own motives and momentum more acutely. That invites us to take an inventory on what is done… or left undone.

As you may know, each Full Moon offers assessment time, and since this Full Moon is in Libra, we can naturally focus on relationships and our place and purpose within the relationships we have or desire to develop. Therefore, this month’s moon asks us to focus on the value of reciprocity, and how well and how clearly we give and receive… knowing that both are necessary for peers and love. In order to do this, we have to divest from some extra activities, make room and time, and s l o w down into order to give our hearts and minds time and room to look sincerely and earnestly at where we are…and where we want to be!

The dominant energies of this time can be found in the dance of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn and this full moon- how its effects create tension and challenges to what would ordinarily be a swift and energetic time.

For many of us, the time between this FM and the New Moon in April will be opportune for clarifying your directions and being sure that one’s motives for acting and creating serve solid and enduring principles of caring and cooperation. Mars is youthful and forceful; Saturn offers us disciplines, tasks, and corrections as they are necessary. In this full moon time, we may find ourselves wanting to make our desires a reality and to then give our actions an ethical foundation on which they can thrive.

The second most influential factor during this moon is Mercury retrograde and what it can offer us in the way of assessment and evaluation. According to astrologer Claudia Caudill (speaking during an international web symposium on Astrology on 3/21/18), whenever Mercury turns retrograde, as it does three times every year, there is a valuable lesson or teaching that we can receive during that time of concentrated motion. Claudia says his Moon cycle gives us the dynamism between serenity and action, and wanting to have a dialogue around relationships and the quality of our connections to others. As a part of her session, she quoted a renowned astrologer and teacher named Erin Sullivan who has authored many books such as Retrograde Planets (Ibis Press 1995). Erin observes and teaches that “Retrogrades are times of increased attention and awareness… times of introspection and receptivity.”

While I have previously spoken of the effects of Jupiter which will be with us until November, its retrograde motion remaining in Scorpio becomes focused on social and transpersonal issues such as violence, assertions of power, and the need to reconcile our social values and views around the quality of life, and the meaning and dignity we give to death and dying in our culture. Maybe more than ever before in recent history, we are being given a time to truly assess where our values are, and what issues and outlooks will frustrate or foster greater awareness and understanding.

There will be a strong tendency to push old ideas away or discount any outlook that remains safely ensconced in the status quo. It will be a time that will allow, even encourage younger spokespeople to be heard…

The main shift or change that happens right at the time of this full moon is when the planet Venus moves into the sign Taurus. No longer as adventurous or as experimental in her leanings and outlooks, she settles for a more enduring approach to what brings value and worth, and what is sincere in relationships and life. Earthy Taurus gives Venus a foundation for discerning what is of true importance and lasting value from our actions and motives. It is a sensual sign and so the appetites are strong, just not declarative; here Venus follows the lead of others – whether that is in a relationship, a jewelry store, or sitting down for a meal – quality counts!

As a last reflection, there is a need to gain a wider perspective and a larger view for creative problem solving. One of the views that I cherish is an outlook called “Holy Agnosticism” or the outlook that there is nothing off limits or no topic that should not be carefully examined or an idea or belief that cannot be treated with a little irreverent humor!

Since Easter is on April Fools this year, and since Neptune is still in Pisces, ruling our sources for inspiration, spirituality, and humor, I will close with this reflection from a past sermon entitled “In Praise of The Holy Fool” where I discuss religious humor and the role of the Fool in myth.

“Remember on this day, and on every day that you can share a laugh with someone, you can become silly- which originally meant to be blessed with laughter- and by being silly you gain the perspective that welcomes learning, and how best to accept and embrace all the twists and turns that our lives could contain. So you see, in a reverse analogy or its opposite actuality, the Fool is to being foolish as a child is to being childlike. Wisdom, then, comes with an open heart and a willingness to suspend judgments and criticism which rarely contains joy or benevolence.

By being open and empathetic, one learns to honor the other person, to find those places in the heart where we truly touch, where we are beheld just as we are, and where we are found, even with our broken pieces, to be accepted, truly whole.”

May we pay attention to the Cosmos for our heartfelt clues… and not be afraid to understand cosmic jokes when they arrive! May you always be willing to risk being a wise and caring fool and enjoy a heartfelt laugh and be willing to share its delight with one another…

Celestial Blessings,

Peter Lanzillotta, Ph.D.

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