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The New Moon in Gemini: Astrology
                 The quest for open and honest communications.

        The beginning of long term reflections on past actions 
    and their impact on today

Buy generic priligy online, Buy priligy review

buy priligy in india advises us to be mindful about every word that we speak to another person. If we use language that does not hurt people but that affirms people, we will lead people to greater peace, happiness, hope, and consolation. If we use the language of violence and fear, we will speed up the culture’s downward spiral.” 

– John Dear in Mary of Nazareth, Prophet of Peace
When we have an emphasis on Gemini energies (and/or Mercury particularly as it moves into Cancer next week) and directions for our lives, we can be assured it will involve how we relate to others through words and thought.

It includes being a “captive of language” as Gemini will engage us in all the possibilities and consequences of interactive communication.

Its never going to be more true or consequential than during the New Moon in Gemini this week (June 12th to the 15th).

Mindful Language

We all grew up with the defiant yet erroneous notions that words do not matter as much as actions. For example, on the playground we repeatedly heard this response to any teasing or verbal bullying; “Sticks and Stones…”

Over my years of working with people in counseling, ministry and now in soulful approaches to coaching, I have encountered the devastating effects of verbal abuse as being (for some people) as painful as any physical blow or strike they might have received.

While I am in NO way condoning violence, we have to admit that the use of derogatory language can cause some lasting pain!

Insults hurt; bullying is a rampant wrong in our culture, and the cuts and stings from demeaning words can influence our sense of self worth for a lifetime!

While it is an important skill to learn resilience, courage, and yes, some defiance when verbally abused, it is important to realize due to cultural learning and family patterns, not every person has that ability to “bounce back” or the determination to fight back in any effective way.

Without getting too therapeutic, it can be a deep scar that resists healing. It shows up often to defeat self respect and undermine one’s confidence.

Words and Their Impact

Neuroscience and Relationships
The Power of Words: 20 Phrases to Heal (or Grow From) Relationship Conflicts

By Athena Staik, Ph.D. 
“Thoughts are much more than airy pieces of information that enter our minds and then disappear. The words and ideas we think, and the accompanying feelings they spark, subconsciously shape our lives.

“They can literally activate chemical processes that affect us at every level, emotional, physical, mental, and thus can drive us in the direction of overall success and happiness — or failure and distress.

“Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy. Physical feelings are energy. Together, they energize us to action accordingly, and even have the power to immobilize us.

“How you think (and thus feel) can have a profound effect on your ability to recognize an opportunity, perform to the best of your ability, or achieve the outcome of the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

“Conflict with someone you love and care about can be thought of as an opportunity for healing and rewiring old defensive patterns (emotion-command neural pathways of our brain).

“Each moment can be an opportunity to shift away from old defensive ways of thinking and speaking, which our bodies are automatically wired to turn to whenever we are triggered.

“Instead of responding out of emotions of fear, such as disgust, rage, hatred, for example, you can turn to an “opposite” emotion response and respond out of caring, love, thoughtfulness, etc.

“Whether spoken to another or to our self (self-talk), words help us do that. If we’re willing and open, they can move us toward increasing possibilities for healing, wholeness, and meaningful connection.”

Astrology and Relationships

Any New Moon offers us insights and encouragement to begin new directions and explore different perspectives on life and on the meaning/value of our relationships.

This is a heightened possibility because we have, in effect, what astrologers call a mutual reception. Mercury in Cancer and The Moon in Gemini (swapping rulers or creating a synergy of energies).

As a result of this energetic and complementary arrangement, we can expect the coming days and month will be highly sensitive towards the meaning and impact of our words we choose to use.

Words truly matter- personally and nationally- when it comes to any negotiations, contracts or relationships.

It might prove crucial for our words to have clear, strong definitions and backing… Without clarity, words can and often are misconstrued.

As a counterbalance to worrisome outcomes, there are also potentials available for creative thinking, imaginative breakthroughs, unusual solutions and ingenuous discoveries. This will be beneficial and productive.

Much will be determined by who uses language and how it will be welcomed or interpreted…

Lastly, our shared challenges as individuals or a nation begin with Mars retrograde. It will make a conjunction with the Lunar South Node. 

Prepare for a long bout of intense focus on past actions- again, individual and national- that will clamor for expression. They will be filled with a wide array of actions and reactions.

In short, there will be a heightened awareness and coming to terms with previous patterns of behavior!

We could walk a tightrope or as the samurai teachings call it, to walk the swords edge between illusion and delusion. Become aware of our tendencies to lose focus or listen to false invitations and directions.

We can call this time “entering into the shadow work.” It is also time for karmic reckoning, however we choose to label it.

We have the promise of a turbulent and tumultuous Summer into Fall!

PS: If that wasn’t enough, stay awake and aware… There will be eclipses coming our way in July!
Celestial Blessings, Peter
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