New Moon in Scorpio; Examine Motives and Soften Ego

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During this week leading up to the New Moon, Luna has been very present and busy. She has been occupying the night sky in ways that bring her up and past no less than three other planets! First, she travels past Mars, activating feelings, moods, and energies that are usually in check, but now urge themselves towards release and expression! Later, almost as the New Moon occurs, she travels past the two Benefics in astrology – Venus and Jupiter, activating our hopes, strengthening our ideals, and putting the necessary importance of what we value and what ideals we cherish in our lives.

This New Moon arrives in the post dawn hours of Saturday morning, at 6:41 AM in US Eastern Standard Time. Sun and Moon occupy 26 degrees of Scorpio as the last major energetic influence before the Moon moves beyond, and into Sagittarius in the early afternoon.

As you may know, Scorpio does nothing in a surface or superficial way! Scorpio can be considered to be the most intense sign, the most emotionally demanding sign, and the sign that contains/restrains our most powerful urges and desires.

Chief among this indwelling power, is the ability to harness those energies into patterns for renewal, and move us from any complacency towards a lasting alchemical transformation- a very disciplined and rewarding aspiration!

Scorpio’s distinct meaning and message for us during this New Moon time; we are being asked to become more willing to examine our motives for our actions- rather than say “I could not help it” or issue empty apologies etc., this Moon gives us a more clear look at what motives we have, and what impulses and desires could manifest in our lives. In addition, we are being asked to “know” more, and discern more diligently to diffuse any patterns of anger or insult – while also heeding the warning signs of inner conflict.  We are given opportunities as a necessity to evaluate what impulses require our control, or at least our modulation before being released or expressed to others.

As astrologer and writer Emily Trinkas puts it:

“This New Moon can make us into [Edgewalkers. Scorpio teaches us to move through our discomforts in ways that bring us to a more full sense of aliveness. Facing our fears allows us to enter into and embrace the mysterious path of transformation. There is no lasting change without the courage to risk change, and the willingness to accept the consequences of making changes while becoming more aware of what that decisive sense of change can and will do].”

The NM arrives at 26 degrees of Scorpio and with this degree, we are given a powerful message: One has to learn the value of sacrifice – to release or give up on what you feel you want or desire, so that you have the freedom to graciously receive what best fits your evolutionary goals.

 We can be given much in the way of self knowledge, spiritual growth, maturity and perception, but a hard or selfish ego prevents it. What will be required of us is to develop a resilient heart – softly welcoming, responsive, courageous and strong.

Annie Botticelli combines her business coaching, astrology and psychic gifts into a monthly calendar of highlights we can consider and match to our daily lives. She outlines a few of the remaining days of November in this way:

“November 18 — New Moon at 26° of Scorpio — Time to make your 10 New Moon Wishes on the topics of all things Scorpio.  This New Moon also has a brilliant trine to Chiron bringing strength, empowerment, and interdependence.  The conflict with Mars and Pluto tomorrow could also show up as part of the complete picture.

November 19 — Mars in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn —  This aspect first occurring this year on February 22 brings the need to carry extra awareness as it will likely bring stress and conflict.  Partnership commitments or unwelcome opinions from key relationships will likely conflict with individual attainment at this time.

November 21 — Venus in Scorpio Sextile Pluto in Capricorn —  Intense emotional or romantic experiences often occur with this transit.  This also often brings in amazing financial opportunities.

November 22 — Neptune Direct in Pisces —  Neptune turning direct can be a very sobering time. It is a good time for becoming more practical and organized, making the abstract more concrete.

‘Black Friday’

November 24-25  — Mercury in Sagittarius Trine Uranus in Aries —  This transit could bring sudden improvements in communication and transportation.  Even though we are technically in the Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow Window, some last minute car or device purchases could come now in wonderful ways.  It is usually advisable to get extra warranties and keep track of coverage/receipts, etc. and ready paperwork and terms very carefully in case the retrograde energies present.

November 26 — Venus in Scorpio Trine Chiron in Pisces —  Financial or romantic empowerment and strengthening of self-esteem often occur with this transit.

November 27-28 — Mercury in Sagittarius Conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius —  Big-picture dreams may need some harnessing and organizing now.  Alternatively, hard work done to reign in scattered efforts could be greatly rewarded.”

Lastly, Mercury Retrograde is coming up! This Mercury has the distinction of also being a trigger to the Great American Total Solar Eclipse of 8/21/17, when it makes its Retro Station on 12/3/17 @ 29 Sagittarius. This Mercury is full of stories and mischief. It loves to embellish, challenge and exaggerate. For those who shop, it may prove wise to do all your shopping early!

Wishing you a gracious Thanksgiving!

Celestial Blessings,

Dr. Peter Lanzillotta


Moon Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash

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