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Over my many years in ministry, I have often heard people take about their health… When they are speaking in positive terms, they will declare enthusiastically to me, ” I have just gone for my annual check up, and everything is fine!” I will affirm their positive feelings, and show my support for how well they are taking care of their health…

However, because this common tendency that gets repeated often, it began to make me think about all the other kinds of check ups people need to give themselves on a regular basis: A mental health checkup? An emotional health check up? A financial check up? A relationship check up? A family and friends check up?  Maybe even a spiritual life check up?

As an advocate for regular self-care, knowing full well that we live our lives in and through many dimensions of wellness and concern, I would declare that taking the time to do self inventory in any or all of these various ways, would be beneficial, revealing, and instructive for us all!

Most of us, if we are at all mindful, take a little time around New Years and making our resolutions, or maybe we pause during our birthday week to look back over our year or look retrospectively at our lives. Courageously, we can begin to ask ourselves some probing questions about how our lives have turned out so far, or what new ways that promote change or growth are we now willing to consider? We inquire about any changes in our central motives for our lives, our reasons and choices, and our feelings about how well we have lived, and what ways could it have been better, healthier, more balanced or acted with more clarity.

One of the self inventory questions that I will regularly ask myself is the one first presented to me by the clinical psychologist and Buddhist teacher, Jack Kornfield. In his writings, he said that the essence or the essentials of life can be found if we ask ourselves two questions: “How well have I lived?” “How openly have I loved?”

As a spiritual seeker who has studied the great spiritual traditions of the world, I appreciate the many inspiring sources the world religions can off to us in helping us to answer the questions of meaning and purpose in our lives. As my career proceeded from being a psychotherapist, to an inclusive parish minister and liberal priest, to my present work as an interfaith theologian, I have asked myself these kinds of questions, and have benefited greatly from the insights and the challenges that came to me.

Now, as I have extended my definition of ministry and advocacy beyond the confines of offering spiritual direction to become an interfaith spiritual life coach, I am welcoming people to the process of taking a spiritual check up, and working with them to see how their spiritual and religious ideas are working for them.
Currently, I am accepting new clients who wish to explore their life journey with me, and through our sessions, we will work collaboratively to discover the answers that will promote greater understanding, an expanded sense of wellness and wholeness, and a larger view of harmony and happiness, in their lives.

You can contact me at: 843-732-2994 or 843-810-2808

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