Full Moon 12/3; Cosmic Gifts and Starry Surprises

The Super Full Moon comes early in December this year, leaving things feeling early or rushed. From before Thanksgiving throughout the incessant Christmas season, there are more shopping days this year, and there are more ways that life in our society can stress or test us.

Astrologically, we are embarking on a busy season, too! This full moon will occur on the morning of Sunday, December 3rd. The lessons that can be gained on this Full Moon, and in the days soon after, contain a theme of being tested. We should expect and accept certain pressures that transcend the usual seasonal worries and fears.


The first is a familiar one, and one that enters into our awareness just before the Full Moon. Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius, and remains retrograde until the 22nd. During the first phase of its effects is the astonishing characteristic of Mercury that advises us to  s  l  o  w  down!

You see, Mercury, the planet of communications, travel and social conviviality runs headlong into a conjunction with the taskmaster, disciplinarian and time controlling planet, Saturn! The energy shift that occurs here is almost diametrically opposed to the rush of the holiday season-it declares that our attention and focus for our energies needs to turn more inward and more introspective. It recommends that we scale back on everything from gift giving to social plans, from decorations to holiday indulgences, and refocus that energy and attentiveness toward delving into what facets of our society’s celebration are worth upholding. Additionally, it recommends we give attention to what needs to be discarded, or at least downplayed, and made more manageable.

It is not that we have to give up on finding any inspiration in the many holiday stories and songs, but it calls the question concerning any pious sentimentality. This more sobering, grounding energy asks us to;

Find where we are truly connected

Recognize where, or what part, of the entire holiday story speaks to us

Realize where we can gain genuine inspiration in the Christmas story

 (Increasingly, or so it seems to me, I find myself celebrating the more reflective time of The Solstice more than the too many days of commercials and shopping, or the required piety that is called Christmas!)

Whether we like it or not, Saturn and Mercury will bring an increased awareness of the problems and pains of family life and the need to understand our past projections and our current perceptions of family and friends. Also, we can use this time to carefully and heart-fully assess the true value of being together.

To further explore this full moon, lets examine with depth the potential lessons and insight she holds for us. First of all, Luna is not alone, in that she is strongly influenced by Neptune in Pisces through the power of a square aspect that usually provides us with challenges and obstacles. In this case, Neptune being ethereal and mystifying, requires and commands we protect ourselves with a healthy dose of discernment- to guard against listening uncritically to the machinations of the Media, which seem to be spinning out of balance and losing objectivity, in pursuit of headlines and grabbing attention where no merit or attention is warranted. As with any information, considering the source is a wise choice.

Additionally, when Neptune visits us personally or relationally, with the tantalizing and delicious temptations of fantasy versus dealing with cold or more sober facts, our sentiments can be sorely tested. We can create something out of nothing whenever we allow the  enticing phantasms of thought and feeling to obscure the fact that there is no evidence for feeling that way! The persuasive energies of Neptune are better spent, or more easily expressed through soothing music, inspirational meditative practices, journals, and artwork that expresses what words alone cannot.

Photo by Anna Jahn on Unsplash

It follows that our ability to reason will not be optimal during this full moon cycle. We can act foggy or distracted, so it would be better NOT to schedule any heavy decision making or make any declarative statements that might have a lasting impact or consequence to them!

 IF decision are necessary, then this is an optimal time to use any additional esoteric tools or access intuitive guidance that will clarify choices and make it easier to see through our personal fog. This can help us to gain some clarity and clear sense of direction and purpose. In like manner, it is an ideal time to begin your studies, continue them in depth, or simply to consult systems of intuitive knowing. Some useful examples include Tarot, I Ching, Dowsing, Scrying, Akashics, Dream work-and of course, seeking astrological guidance.

For those who find meaning in numerology, there is a symbolic phenomenon that will happen this weekend in correlation with the Full Moon. There is a sequence of four signs and planets that will share the 11th degree- 11:11:11:11. Sun and moon in opposition at 11 Sagittarius and 11 of Gemini. Jupiter at 11 of Scorpio trine Neptune at 11 of Pisces! These are all mutable signs, all fluid harbingers or omens of the tide waters of rhythmic chance, and the receding of old patterns of relationships by shedding the past.

A last observation; as this is the consummate season for the angels… The great shining star, Aldebaran, is located at the point of this Full Moon. It is one of the brightest stars that we know of in the Cosmos, bigger and brighter than our Sun. It is a portal or gate keeping star that is traditionally associated with the Seraph Archangel Michael, and has a warrior-like volatility associated with it.

While being a star of honor, it is also associated with risk, upheaval and weather disturbances. “If you are experiencing grief or disappointment, this essence can help you move through those feelings to a bedrock of compassion for yourself and for your world…. The star encourages a deeper understanding by gently disassembling the constructions we build to make sense of the world, thereby opening us to opportunities we might otherwise overlook” (Heaven on Earth).

 In my study and understanding of the angels, their greatest lasting value is divine companionship and the qualities of giving us access to perpetual sources and streams of inspiration, consolation, and understanding…

In those arms, and with the release of those gracious intentions, I wish you a more meaningful December!

Celestial blessings,

Dr. Peter Lanzillotta




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