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Peter E. Lanzillotta, Ph.D.

Contact: 843-810-2808

Skype: 843-277-9602


“If the path before you is clear,

you’re probably on someone else’s.”

-Joseph Campbell

“Yesterday, I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


“Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked,

in which you can walk with love and reverence.”

-Henry David Thoreau


Has your life lost its meaning? Would you like to find a way out that inspires you again? Do you feel lost, or do you feel as if there is little hope that you will find your heartfelt purpose? Do you want to define yourself as a spiritual person, but really do not know what that means? Would you like to find your key that unlocks and opens the door of your heart to love, forgiveness, and peace? Do you feel that God listens to you, or does it feel that when you call or pray, God is not home? All too often, our problems are hidden in plain sight… Yet, we do not know how or where to look! That’s where working with a Spiritual Life Coach comes in!

Here is a brief sample of the kinds of situations I have successfully worked with and that my open minded and non-dogmatic approach to spiritual coaching addresses:

During Times of Loss and Transition;

Offering effective coping skills that help you to reach a better understanding of how best to honor grief, and come to a greater appreciation of life;

When you desire to find a way out from dependency, attachment, or addictions;

Wanting to become a more spiritual partner and/or to find a transformational basis for your relationships;

When you are in search of values and guidelines for living a clear, kind, and compassionate life;

Wondering and searching for what you can do to regain a sense of peace, harmony, healing, and gratitude.


As a progressive and inclusive former parish minister and as non-Roman, non traditional liberal priest for over 25 years, who has additional graduate level training as a spiritual director, and holds a doctorate in theology and spirituality, I know that I can guide you on the path to discovering your own answers.

As an interfaith theologian, someone who understands and practices the insights and wisdom of both East and West, I am uniquely qualified to be your spiritual guide. I can expertly accompany you through the process of asking soulful questions- That process of asking yourself how best you can open to those inquiries of the heart and mind. In your earnest search, and through your courageous questioning, you will discover where your next steps in self discovery are and what exploring the many paths towards spiritual unfoldment hold for you!

Through our collaborative dialogues, I will be your spiritual companion and your knowledgeable guide who welcomes the discussion of any questions that your earnest explorations might uncover. From my own questioning, and my own life experiences and knowledge, I will encourage your personal search, provide you with valuable resources, and adeptly assist you in your search for your own soulful truths.


Over my decades of service, both within church life and as a guide to many sincere seekers, I have been given the opportunity and the privilege to accompany many people. In our dialogues and coaching sessions, I encouraged and supported their quest for their truthful, and sometimes unexpected, but truly transformative answers.

Some people have sought me out because they are curious about spiritual ideas, paths, and techniques for greater inner development. Most often, however, people come to me when they are having difficulty searching for a more spiritual understanding or they contact me when they are seeking a deeper soulful and sustaining answer during a personal crisis.

Because I am no stranger to both the grit and the grace of these acute and sometimes prolonged struggles, my hard earned personal experiences have taught me that sometimes it takes perseverance and wisdom, peace and compassion for yourself (which on some days can be hard to find), so I know that my insights and my life lessons will assist you in dealing with your tests and trials.

Bearing witness to how people can heal, how they can accept and integrate change, how they endure and can come to understand, and how they can deepen and spiritually mature have been a treasure chest of learning and blessing for me…


All too often, we live in such a daily rush that we can easily ignore a spiritual problem until it has developed into more painful or troublesome physical and emotional symptoms such as: Chronic stress; self medicating activities like drinking or drugs; difficult relationship patterns or problems; anxieties and depressive moods; feeling at a loss with no where to turn, etc. … Sometimes the best answer is to seek out immediate professional help to learn how to quickly understand and manage any difficulties you are facing… Sometimes, what fosters the lasting change you seek, requires you to take a larger view. The complex nature of the healing and transformative work you will have to do will take time, and it will take you deeper… Discovering more of who you are, and what your path and purpose in this life truly includes!

While health care professionals are a valuable resource, most are not well acquainted with the timeless traditions of spiritual practice that are found in humankind’s great religious traditions, which have always been a rich repository of wisdom and offer us invaluable and powerful tools for our transformation.

(In fact, there are a lot of clergy who have not taken the opportunity to discern their own spiritual path, or who have not spent much time in meditation or introspection- learning the many gifts of mysticism and inner knowledge!)

As your spiritual life coach, I can give you the benefit of my 30 years of spiritual discovery; my journeys into the wisdom traditions of both East and West; and share with you the various aspects of the struggle to become authentically spiritual or what it means to become more readily attuned to the Spirit’s sources, for transformation that will affect the quality of your daily life.

Increasingly, we have learned that a greater sense of wholeness can come from a deeper sense of personal awareness. It has been documented that newly integrated spiritual perspectives will contribute to improve your health, your relationships, and how such integration can give you insights into the importance of love, forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion.


While it is true that we live our lives according to clock time and calendars, there is another form of time that is recorded in our souls. It is a timetable generally unknown in the outside world, except when it is triggered by crisis, or by a chance encounter. It is a quality of time that is better understood when we listen to the guidance we receive from our inner urges, or learn from how we are dissatisfied with the feeling of emptiness in modern life.

People who pursue greater spiritual meaning to life’s various challenges and experiences come to understand that there is also God’s time (Kairos) which comes to us in unexpected, often gracious and spontaneous ways. Everyone I know has had those times… Those flashes of insight, those special dreams, those events that shake and shape us in ways unimaginable…)

(I discuss this concept further in my book, Spirit, Time, and The Future… published by Outskirts Press 2011)

Who do you go to when these acts of God, these times of unsettling or transformative grace occur? Who, in your circle of friends and family, can truly assist you in coming to your own understanding, or to a deeper appreciation of those moments that are filled with mystery, magic, and meaning?

Because of my accumulated life experiences, and my deep appreciation for the wellsprings of wisdom and discovery that are to be found in those times and places, I know that I can be your coach and your soulful guide…

Initial Call/Consultation is free: buy priligy canada and Spiritual Life Coaching are on a sliding scale.

Peter E. Lanzillotta, Ph.D.

Follow Us:

buy priligy in india

Contact: 843-810-2808

Skype: 843-277-9602



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