January’s New Moon – Grounding for the Year Ahead!


New Moon January 16 at 9:17 PM

This time of the year naturally focuses on Capricorn, and is well known as the place of new year resolutions, new beginnings, or at least the plans and designs that foster new change. We also encounter the re-establishment of routines after the holiday madness and all its intensity!
While this is a typical social and personal response, if one can ever use the word “typical” to describe the many layers of thought and energy that go into our existence, astrologers far and wide do not see this year as being the “same old, same old.”

There is much discussion about leaving and loss as a preparation for the coming year, as there appears to be an unusual amount of crisis, death and loss coming into our awareness since the new year began. In addition, there is an emphasis on creating stability and a launching platform from which we can confidently move into this next dynamic phase of our lives… It follows that such larger scale crisis in letting go, loss and the more rooted demands for preparation that invites the new is anything but “typical.”

The principal reason for this is the entry of Saturn into its home sign of Capricorn, where it will stay for approximately 2 1/2 years, AND all the other planetary connections that will happen for the next six weeks through the movements of the Sun, Venus, and Pluto, which will stay in Capricorn until 2025!

Janet Booth, a well-known astrologer who creates and excellent yearly activity calendar for her clients and students, called Janet’s Daily Plan-its™ 2018, puts the influence of Saturn in these terms:

“When a planet travels through the sign it rules, its truest nature emerges and it wields maximum power. Three major planets spend time in 2018 in their native signs. Neptune is about halfway through its 14 years in Pisces, bringing key developments as we close out the Age of Pisces, a 2000+ year period highlighting religions and belief systems… Together, this planet and sign are associated with structure, organization, systems, efficiency and austerity. It’s not a warm and fuzzy combination. Expect people to be very businesslike and to the point” (Booth, 2018).

We can receive a clue for how this Saturn position will influence us by looking back on our lives to the years 1988 to 1991. While the planets are not in the same place, we can derive from the Saturnine energies and influences during this time period that we are renewed in our desire to establish some sort of stability and security for the upcoming times when such assurance might be hard to find, or elusive at best!

As Dorothy Oja, author of PlanetWeather puts it:
“Saturn will shed light on what is not functioning well, so that we can be aware of and repair the problem. Saturn always represents the past and the consequences of past actions. It is a crisis of credibility… We are likely to encounter some serious crises during this 2 1/2 year transit. Saturn is in its home sign, very strong there and unwilling to tolerate sloppiness. It wants order and organization, credibility, respect and proper standards of behavior. In focus will be all institutions including government and its leaders.”

From that vantage point we, as a society, will need to buckle up for some important and significant shifts, tensions and changes that could occur this Fall! So much will depend on how well we integrate the more insistent voices of women and more cosmic urgings of the divine feminine that will be showing up in changing planetary patterns throughout this year.

Many more holistic and metaphysical outlooks recommend that any practitioners or aspirants learn how to “ground” themselves. Of course, this is lasting advice for anyone who involves themselves with the subtle yet powerful areas of spiritual intention and compassionate service. They will need to practice self-protection and learn to take care of their own well-being, so they can be effective guides and healing agents for others.

As I see it, these first few weeks of January that include this particular New Moon are excellent times to establish a healing/grounding practice for oneself. The energies are predominately earth and feminine (which is a description of this year’s themes and emphasis) and it is a time that welcomes some rest and contemplation of motives, values, and goals as preparation for the energetic shifts and challenges that are in store for us during the rest of 2018.

One of the early instigators of change, Mars, is active at this New Moon from his placement in the watery, powerful feminine sign of Scorpio, that encourages us towards actions for self-discovery and self-protection. Jupiter’s alignment with Pluto intensifies our emotional needs to be aware of which demands are illusions, and which ones need an energy shift or can become more primary for us.

It will promote realization about motives and actions around the issues we have about money and emotional/relational support. We are to discern what is truly important in our lives and what things are inventions of media and culture that fracture or split our energies and best intentions.
This New Moon acts as a table setter for the year that beckons us to establish ourselves with confidence and grace, and that initiates or grounds us in the difficult and demanding process of spiritual responsibility, ethical actions, and changes that promote greater long term security and stability for our society and ourselves.

Celestial Blessings,
Peter Lanzillotta, Ph.D.


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